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Piston sampler - bottom part


The piston sampler is suitable for taking samples in less cohesive soil layers. Piston samplers are available in lengths of 75, 150 and 200 cm.

  • Available in different lengths
  • Suitable for sampling in less cohesive soil layers
  • Made of high quality stainless steel


A piston sampler is an auger made from a thin-walled, high-quality stainless steel tube. The piston sampler is ideal for sampling from moderately cohesive soil layers under the (ground) water table to a maximum depth of 5 metres. The bottom end of the tube is completely open, whereas the top end has outlets and an opening through which the stainless steel piston rod runs. At the bottom, the piston rod is fitted with a piston. At the top of the piston rod is the wire eye for attaching the polyester cord. The top end of the piston sampler has a bayonet connection, enabling it to be attached to the upper part or the extension rods.

Piston sampler - bottom part

01.09.01.B Piston sampler, 29.5" (75 cm), bayonet
Piston sampler, 59" (150 cm), bayonet
01.09.02.B Piston sampler, 78.7" (200 cm), bayonet

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