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WELL-GUARD® Casing Lubrication

Specifically designed for critical monitor well

Royal Eijkelkamp Casing Lubrication is a grease that reduces friction and conduct heat from the highest friction spots to cooler parts of the threading. Use Well Guard® for monitoring and drinking water well drilling.

  • Hydrocarbon resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Vegetable & synthetic base
  • Nontoxic
  • Chemically stable
  • Pumpable


WELL-GUARD is a high-performance thread compound specifically designed for critical monitor well and other environmentally sensitive drilling applications requiring the use of a petroleum hydrocarbon-free product. WELL-GUARD is formulated from a synergistic blend of synthetic fluids and non-metallic, inorganic, EP and anti-wear additives. WELL-GUARD provides maximum protection against galling, seizing, and damage to threads while maintaining monitor well integrity.

WELL-GUARD is an all-weather product and is completely brushable from -9.4°F to 199°F (-23°C to 93°C) while retaining its buttery texture at temperatures exceeding 400°F (204°C). Is in full compliance with all current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specification limits as detailed in tests completed by 3rd party test labs in the USA. Test results available on request.

Purely organic greases will loose their proper lubrication properties at temperatures exceeding 320-356°F (160-180 °C). The greases we recommend for casing connections contain organic carriers in combination with minerals for increased heat resistance.


WELL-GUARD® Casing Lubrication
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