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Monitoring Well Consumables

Royal Eijkelkamp Monitoring Well Consumables are pre-packed and offer drilling equipment that sets the standard on best drilling speed available in the market. The installation of monitoring wells used to be a time-consuming part of a drilling project, with our pre-packed monitoring well consumables this is a thing of the past.

  • Save time and money with quick and guaranteed installations
  • Well sealing according to ISO, EPA and ASTM standards
  • Clean working method
  • HDPE monitoring well material does not affect the sample as PVC can
  • Minimal development and rinsing water generated for sampling, resulting in less time needed and less cost for disposal
  • Pre-packaged bentonite according to KIWA certification


To speed up the installation process, Royal Eijkelkamp now offer the successful pre-packaged monitoring well products. With a pre-packed monitoring well pipe, the filter sand is packed around the slotted filter pipe. In this way, impermeable layers can be sealed off. The sand trap protects the monitoring well in the time after installation and full expansion of the bentonite seal.

The small diameter of the monitoring well requires less water for a representative sample. Our Pre-packed monitoring products perfectly fit on our Sonic tooling and bentonite are compliant with KIWA certification.

Royal Eijkelkamp offers three sizes of pre-packed monitoring well pipes.

Available well sizes (ID/OD of well pipe):

  • 0.59x0.79in (15x20mm) pre-packed well, largest OD of bentonite 1.4in (35mm)
  • 0.98x1.26in (25x32mm) pre-packed well, largest OD of bentonite = 2.36in or 2.76in (60mm or 70mm)
  • 2x2.5in (51x63mm) pre-packed well, largest OD of bentonite = 3.9in (100mm)
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