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SRST 110

The SmallRotoSonic Tractor Mast (SRST 110) is a sonic drill rig that can be fitted to a tractor and work off the tractor’s power take-off.

  • Great for rough terrain
  • Small investment, big results
  • True 150 Hz
  • Tractor-mounted drill mast


The SRST 110 sonic drill rig is equipped with a True150Hz SmallRotoSonic 34K drill head. It can drill to a depth of 30-40 metres and is suitable for geotechnical sampling, mining and mineral sampling, environmental research and seismic drilling.  

This special drill rig can be mounted to your own tractor, which makes it a small investment if you want to get started with Sonic drilling. The required horse power for the tractor is 110HP and the SRST110 runs on the PTO. This combination of tractor and drill rig make it possible to work in rough terrain and easily move the rig from one job site to another.  

The SRST 110 has been proven effective in several different environments, including farmland and mining areas with many logistical movements and the requirement for 4x4 terrain capability.  

The drill head is equipped with 2 mechanically synchronised eccentrics providing 150 kN output force. The rig itself comes with a load sense hydraulic system, work lights, and a 150 litre water tank.   

Optional features include:  

  • Casing rack  
  • ManipAll 200 rod and casing handler  
  • Swivel for water-assisted drilling 
  • Double hydraulic break-out clamp  

Download the brochure for more information, or get in touch with our specialists via sales@eijkelkamp.com.


SRST 110
Sonic vibration oscillator output force 33.8 lbf | 150 kN
Rig dimensions folded 4 x 8 x 9,2 ft | 1.332 x 2.440 x 2.912 mm
Operational height 4 x 8 x 15 ft | 4554 mm
Weight approx. 6945 lbs | 3150 kg
Mast stroke 9 ft | 2700 mm
Pull up / down 11,015 lbf / 9,779 lbf | 4900 DaN / 4350 DaN
Rotation torque clockwise 885 ft-lbf @ 2,175 psi | 1,200 Nm @ 150 bar
Rotation torque counter-clockwise 1,030 ft-lbf @ 2,500 psi | 1,400 Nm @ 172 bar
High pressure water pump 5 GPM @ 3.040 PSI | 18 l/min @ 210 Bar
Large flow water pump 43 GPM @ 695 PSI | 160 l/min @ 48 Bar