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CRS 140

The CRS 140 True 150Hz sonic drilling rig is built to perform under the most challenging and diverse working conditions. The machine is easy to maneuver thanks to its simple controls, even in smaller spaces. A separate swivel allows drilling with fluid, foam or air support. The CRS 140 also allows you to use SPT.

  • A separate swivel
  • Relatively small, powerful rig
  • Multi-purpose sonic rig
  • High quality samples


The CRS 140, previously known as the CRS XL 140 is a powerful sonic drilling rig equipped with a True 150 hZ CompactRotoSonic 34K drill head. This drill rig is a smaller version than the CRS 170, but nonetheless certainly not less. The CRS 140 is a nice compact machine that is incredibly powerful thanks to its drill head. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver and thanks to its powerful drill head, it delivers exactly what you need. The CRS 140 drill is available in a Pro and a Royal version. The CRS 140 is also available in a DUO version, which gives you the ability to perform sonic sampling and diamond drilling in the same drill hole. You can find the specifications of these variants in the summary table that you can easily download. Is this not close to what you are looking for? Then we can also customize a machine to your needs and requirements.

The CRS 140 offers maximum power, is easy to operate and is perfect for many different applications. For example, the machine is suitable for taking mineral samples. Furthermore, you can use the machine for Environmental Research, Geotechnical sampling and testing, Geo-construction drilling and Seismic drilling. If you want to know more about this machine, contact our experts. A comprehensive specification sheet is also available for download.

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists.

*) Please note that as of now, our machines come in silver. If you want a different color, please let our experts know.


CRS 140
Pull up force 10.000 daN/22.480 lbf
Engine 140 HP CAT stage 5 engine
Steel chain crawler carrier with rubber pads Yes
Radio remote Optional
Drilling mast for 3m/10' drill rods
Footclamp 60-280 mm triple footclamp
Winch Hydraulic 2.000 daN
Bean/ FMC pump Yes, L06-18 or L11-22
High presure waterpump yes
Eijkelkamp Service Assistant Included