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GeoExplorer software on the monitor
GeoExplorer software on the monitor

CPT data reporting software

GeoExplorer Office

The CPT data reporting software is the GeoExplorer Office software, which interacts seamlessly with the GeoExplorer data acquisition software.

  • Freely edit data but keep raw files
  • Calculate various soil parameters
  • Export as GEF file or PDF


GeoExplorer Office is a program that can be used to read, edit and store files that contain the measured CPT data.

Once the files have been imported, data can be viewed as tables and graphic plots and all CPT data can be edited freely while the raw data files remain untouched. This will allow the user to address specific issues, such as the elimination of peaks in the graphs whenever a CPT rod is added. As well as performing analysis of dissipation tests.

The software also allows the calculation and presentation of various soil parameters based on the collected CPT data.

The software then stores the sounding data in an ASCII format, which allows the files to be read by other software packages. In addition, it can export the sounding data as a GEF file or produce PDF reports.

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