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Hydraulic CPT Clamp
CPT Pusher 200
Hydraulic CPT Clamp
CPT Pusher 200

Hydraulic push-pull clamp

The hydraulic push-pull clamp is designed for pushing and pulling of CPT sounding tubes (diameter 36 mm / 1.44 in) and casing tubes (diameter 55 mm / 2.17 in) during CPT operations.

  • A hydraulic push-pull clamp that is integrated in the CPT pusher
  • A mechanical push-pull clamp designed for either CPT tubes or casing tubes
  • A bull clamp that can be used to either push or pull a specific diameter of tubes


The hydraulic clamp is also integrated in the 200 kN pusher


Hydraulic push-pull clamp
CPT surrounding tubes Ø 36 mm | 1.44 in
CPT casing tubes Ø 55 mm | 2.17 in
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