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Compost Mix for use with the Eijkelkamp Compost tea machine
ACT Nutriëntenmix
ACT Nutriëntenmix
Compost Mix for use with the Eijkelkamp Compost tea machine
ACT Nutriëntenmix
ACT Nutriëntenmix

SOLICARE brewing package


Royal Eijkelkamp has used its expertise to develop a compost tea that is rich in beneficial microorganisms. This compost tea kit consists of a brewing machine and all supplies needed to brew this compost tea. This compost tea can be applied directly to the soil or leaves. ACT provides nutrients that are readily available to plants and restores balance to the soil. With ACT from Royal Eijkelkamp you enhance the biodiversity in the soil and ensure balance in the soil food web.

  • Increasing the resistance of plants to diseases and pests
  • Increasing biodiversity and fertility
  • Accelerating the transition to a natural functioning system
  • Minimal or no chemicals needed


Our brewing kits consist of compost and a nutrient mix tailored to the needs and requirements of your soil. Our compost contains all the essential microbiology you need to maintain your soil life. Whether you suffer from drought or too much water, whether you want higher crop yields, we have the long-term solution for your soil. Our nutrient mix is specially formulated to allow the microbiology in the compost to multiply rapidly during the brewing process. The result is a compost tea that contains a very large amount of beneficial microbiology. This gives the compost tea a substantial effect, even on a larger scale. 
Tailor-made brewing kits
There are packages available for the following sectors:
  • Arable farming
  • Grassland
  • Horticulture & greenhouse vegetables
  • Vineyard & fruit trees
  • Tree nursery & avenue trees
  • Golf courses & sports fields

The quantity of SOLICARE compost tea to be applied can vary per area and the brewing times during the season per crop and land use. For more information and a tailor-made brewing plan, please contact our expert.


SOLICARE brewing package
Nutrient content Humic acids, fulvic acids, complex proteins, trace elements and plant-available nutrients
High-quality compost Including essential microbiology
Regularly tested for reliable results YES
Variants 6 different packages available
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