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W.E.T. Sensor in case
W.E.T. Sensor
Using the W.E.T. Sensor
W.E.T. Sensor kit in case
W.E.T. Sensor in case
W.E.T. Sensor
Using the W.E.T. Sensor
W.E.T. Sensor kit in case

W.E.T. sensor kit


WET sensor, to measure pore water conductivity and temperature in the top layer of a soil. The measurement values are shown on the display of the hand-held meter and can be stored in the memory (including time and sensor location). This data can be read on a PC.

  • Sensor can be used in field or on samples
  • Readings can be stored with date and time
  • Reads moisture percentage, bulk soil conductivity and temperature
  • Simply push into the soil and read; no preparation
  • Perfect to show changes in time or layers
  • Perfect as mobile fast measuring system
  • No stabilisation time


The WET sensor measures three vital soil properties directly within the soil: Water content, Electrical conductivity and Temperature.

The sensor is unique in its ability to measure pore water conductivity, which is the EC of the water that is available to the plant. Traditionally this measurement has been made by the time-consuming and error-prone method of extracting pore water from the soil by suction, before measuring it with a standard conductivity meter. In contrast, the WET sensor is simply pushed into the soil (or other growing medium) and then read directly using the hand-held meter.

The standard set includes:

  • WET sensor
  • Hand-held meter
  • Software
  • Carrying case


  • Salinity monitoring
  • Plant nutrient status and fertigation
  • Pollution and land reclamation
  • Soil moisture mapping
  • Irrigation research
  • Soil moisture measurements


  • Better accuracy after soil-specific calibration
  • Calibration correction e.g. in spreadsheet


W.E.T. sensor kit
Measuring ranges permittivity 1 - 80 | bulk conductivity 0 - 200 mS.m-1 | temperature -5 to 50°C | volumetric soil moisture 0 -1 m3.m-3
Accuracy Permittivity ±.2.5 | bulk conductivity ± 10 mS.m-1 | temperature ± 0.7 | volumetric soil moisture ± 0.03 m3.m-3
Response time 5 seconds
Calibration Suitable for a variety of standard soil types
Environmental seal sensor: IP67 | connector: IP65
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C
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