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Bentonite pellets QSE


Bentonite pellets of the type QSE are suitable for filling auger holes and restoring impermeable layers in the soil.

  • KIWA product certificate K1007
  • Environmentally safe
  • Enslin value at least 700% after 24 hours


The QSE bentonite pellets consist of a completely natural, unblended, pure bentonite clay, with a very high percentage montmorillonite. The pellets’ diameter is 6 to 7 mm and the swelling capacity (in Enslin value) after 24 hours is at least 700%.

The bentonite pellets are supplied in bags, with different variants and weights.

Enslin value 800%

10.97 Bentonite pellets, bag of 25 kg
10.96.05 Bentonite pellets, pallet with 30 bags of 25 kg

Enslin value 700%

10.97.59 Bentonite pellets, bag of 24 kg
10.97.58 Bentonite pellets,
pallet with 30 bags of 24 kg

Note: Bentonite swells poorly in water with salinity, or electrical conductivity, of 20 mS/cm or higher. Water that is heavily polluted also inhibits the function of bentonite. Not suitable for use in pure hydrocarbon layers, as bentonite will not swell at all in that environment.