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Nitrachek reflectometer - range 5-500 ppm


The Royal Eijkelkamp Nitrachek reflectometer has a measuring range of 5-500 ppm, with date and time-related data storage. The set comes with 100 nitrate test strips, a calibration solution and accessories in bag.

  • For analysis in the field, uses fresh field samples, without transport
  • Accurate when used properly
  • Batch calibration by the user
  • Also, for diluted plant juices
  • Soil material to be mixed with KCI solution


The Nitrachek reflectometer is an excellent pocket-sized portable instrument for the determination of nitrates in soil, plants and water. The measuring instrument has a range of: 5-500 ppm with date and time related data storage. The method is based on reading nitrate test strips.

Set contains

  • Nitrachek reflectometer 
  • Nitrate test strips (100 pieces)
  • Calibration solution  
  • Accessories  
  • Bag 


Nitrachek reflectometer - range 5-500 ppm
Measuring range 5-500 ppm
Reading accuracy 1 mg/l
Battery Single 9V (PP3) 
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