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Oxygen Diffusion Meter Set
Oxygen Diffusion Meter Probe
Oxygen Diffusion Meter Read Out Unit
Oxygen Diffusion Meter Set
Oxygen Diffusion Meter Probe
Oxygen Diffusion Meter Read Out Unit

Oxygen diffusion meter


The Oxygen Diffusion Meter measures the mobility of oxygen and redox in the soil, which is important for the availability of oxygen to plants. When growing plants, it is very important that the soil is sufficiently aerated. The process of aeration is hindered by: soil compaction; the soil being too wet; soaking; paving and adding material.

  • Connection options for three ODR probes
  • Will determine availability of O2
  • Extremely useful in the growing season
  • Meter can also be used to carry out redox potential measurements


When cultivating plants, it is very important that the soil contains sufficient oxygen. A lack of oxygen (as a result of insufficient aeration) can lead to reduced root growth, reduced nutrient availability, reduced evaporation and/or a reduction in the rate of photosynthesis. These all lead to a decrease in the production of plant material. The Oxygen diffusion meter of Royal Eijkelkamp measures the electric current needed to reduce all oxygen present at the surface of a cylindrical Pt-electrode in the soil. The oxygen flow through the air-filled pores and the water layer on the electrode is measured until a steady state is reached.

For most agricultural crops, the necessary oxygen supply to the roots and the release of the carbon dioxide formed there take place via the soil. Soil chemistry also depends on oxygen in the soil. Most of the transport of O2 and CO2 occurs through the so-called 'gas phase' in the soil, or through air-filled pores. The gas phase is an essential part of soil; both plant growth and soil composition are significantly affected by the size and composition of the gas phase. The air content of the soil depends on the soil moisture content and the structure of the soil.

The meter provides a stabilized voltage between the ODR-probe and the Ag-AgCl-reference electrode. In very dry soils only part of the electrode will be covered in water. This results in a rising impedance between soil and electrode. In such a situation the meter can also be used to perform a redox-potential measurement.


  • Measures mobility of oxygen in soil

Set contains

  • Reading instrument with connection facilities for three ODR probes, or one ODR probe
  • Ag-AgCl reference electrode
  • KCL solution with a brass electrode
  • Carry case
  • Battery's


Oxygen diffusion meter
Maximum measuring depth 1 m
Measuring range 0 - 999 μA and for redox 0 - 999 mV
Power supply Battery
Pt-electrode Wire of platinum with 10 % iridium, diameter 1.2 mm, exposed length 6 mm, length 70cm
Rod or Cable length 1 m
Accuracy +/- 3 μA respectively +/- 3 mV
Operating temperature Between 0 and 50 °C
Desired air humidity Between 30 and 80 %
Package size 130 x 42 x 24 cm
Weight 9.8 kg
Sandra van der Linden

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