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Quick Draw Tensiometer
Quick Draw Tensiometer

Quick draw tensiometer


The quick draw tensiometer from Royal Eijkelkamp is a small tensiometer that can easily be moved and, using the auger for pre-drilling, placed into the soil.

  • Easiest installation with included gouge
  • Measuring period of only a few minutes
  • Super low dead volume cares for most rapid stabilisation
  • Suction can be preset in 15 cBar steps to further reduce stabilisation time


The small diameter, the super porous ceramic cup and the possibility of pre-setting the tension, allows for a measuring period of only a few minutes.

After each measurement the tensiometer can be stored in a carrier cylinder in which it is kept humid allowing immediate use in case of a next measurement.


  • Irrigation research
  • Soil moisture measurements


Quick draw tensiometer
Maximum measuring depth 30 or 45 centimetre
Measuring accuracy ± 2.5 hPa
Measuring range 0...850 hPa
Porous material (cups) Ceramic
Reading accuracy 2%
Registration type Manual
Volume of material needed 10 millilitre
Sandra van der Linden

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