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MidRotoSonic XL MAX DUO

The MidRotoSonic XL MAX DUO (MRS XL MAX DUO) is a large strong sonic drill. The drill is equipped with a MidRotoSonic drill head and a four-speed rotation head. It is easy to change the drill head thanks to the trolley board. This makes it suitable for many different applications.

  • Equipped with a MidRotoSonic 50k drillhead as well as a four speed rotation head
  • The DUO option will allow sonic drilling in all overburden and prove bedrock
  • Strong and manoeuvrable drilling rig
  • Maximum drill speed, capacity and boost of productivity
  • Upgrade to the reliable CRS XL platform


The MidRotoSonic XL MAX DUO (MRS XL MAX DUO) is a larger version of the CRS XL, with two different drill heads. The MidRotoSonic XL MAX DUO accommodates a MidRotoSonic 50k drill head and a four-speed Rotation drill head. Both heads are mounted on a hydraulic side shift. The MRS XL DUO accelerates drill speed, capacity and boosts your productivity. The DUO option will allow sonic drilling in all overburden and prove bedrock. To go deep into the bedrock a 4 speed rotary head allows diamond coring with the same sonic drill rig. This 4 speed rotary head will be positioned next to the sonic drill head and will side shift over the bore hole in case it will be used.

The MRS XL MAX DUO is a strong and robust machine that can be used in a very wide range of applications. The drill can be used for Mineral sampling, Environmental exploration, Geo technical sampling and testing, Geo-constructive drilling, Seismic drilling. There are also many options available to tailor the machine to your needs. 

Options available:

  • Remote control for all drilling functions
  • SPT auto drop hammer with blow counter on control panel
  • Casing lifter mounted on break out clamp 200 kN / 45000 lbs, stroke 300 mm / 12”
  • Pneumatic separators among different rod layers
  • Duplex mud pump 570 liter @ 45 bar / 150 gallon @ 652 PSI
  • Steel tracks
  • Triple floatable clamp
  • ManipAll 250 (magnetic rod loading arm; remote controlled)
  • Safety cage
  • Rotatable jib with second winch

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Maximum frequency 0 - 150 Hz
Sonic vibration oscillator output force 227 kN
Rotation torque clockwise 5.605 Nm @ 240 bar
Rotation torque counter clockwise 7.200 Nm @ 310 bar
Working lights 4 x
Pull up 120 kN
Pull down 80 kN
Pull up & down speed 45 metre/minute
Double hydraulic break out clamp 60 - 350 millimetre
Adjustable clamping force of 250 kN
Break out torque 78 kNm


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