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CPT tubes with attached cone
CPT tubes with attached cone

CPT Training

Expand your CPT knowledge with Royal Eijkelkamp CPT training. Our experienced cone penetration testing specialists present this soil investigation both in theory and practice.

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CPT tubes with attached cone

Training details

We currently have no CPT trainings scheduled. 

  • Training days from 9.00 - 16.00, lunch included
  • Indoor interactive sessions with presentations
  • Outdoor live demonstrations with hands-on practice 
  • Trainers: Gerald Verbeek and William Bond

Eijkelkamp Academy
Nijverheidsstraat 9
Giesbeek, The Netherlands

Who can benefit?

The objective of these sessions will be to provide useful information to anybody interested in CPT, with content at different levels so that both novices and very experienced users of this soil investigation method can gather information that will be of interest to them. The knowledge obtained during these trainings is particularly useful for 

  • Engineering firms
  • Planning and design
  • Consultants
  • Contractors

You are also welcome to send in your own CPT-related questions and subjects that you’d like to see treated during these sessions, we'll include these in our program.

CPT training details Introduction to CPT Seismic CPT
Date(s) not currently available not currently available
Costs €100 €150
Introduction to CPT 🔸 🔸
CPT demonstration 🔸  
CPT equipment and maintenance 🔸  
Basics of CPT data analysis and GeoExplorer software 🔸  
Introduction to Seismic CPT (SCPT)   🔸
Theory of SCPT   🔸
SCPT data acquisition   🔸
SCPT demonstration   🔸
Seismic data analysis   🔸


Everything you've always wanted to know about CPT

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) is an efficient ground investigation technique that is increasingly used around the world to determine soil properties and delineate soil layers. CPT is an in-situ test, meaning that the data is collected by testing the soil in the ground without the need for sampling, logging, and laboratory testing.    

Our experts have years of experience in the field and host training sessions for various knowledge levels, with subjects ranging from basic introductions to in-depth analysis of CPT data. Some also touch on our various CPT modules, such as the seismic module, which allow acquisition of data in addition to those obtained with the cone itself. 

A special application of CPT is Seismic Cone Penetration Testing (SCPT), whereby a seismic module is added to the cone to assess the seismic wave velocity profile of the soil.  This information is an important tool to assess how the soil responds to dynamic loading (whether from an earthquake or a train that travels at a high velocity) and therefore wave velocity studies are now frequently required as part of foundation investigations for major structures.

Gerald Verbeek

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