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CRS MITO 8 - rental

The Fraste MITO 8, equipped with a true 150 Hz CompactRotoSonic drillhead. Ideal for heavy jobs, with excellent maneuverability. This used rig is available for rent or purchase.

  • True 150 Hz Sonic
  • 34K lbf Sonic drill head
  • Compact, with low center of gravity
  • Fully articulating mast, perfect for special foundation jobs


The special CRS MITO 8 is reliable and efficient, with a powerful engine and a high-performance hydraulic system that delivers exceptional results for its weight class. The full mast articulation provides great drilling flexibility. 

Ideal for: 

  • Special foundation drilling
  • Anchor installation
  • Micropiling
  • Compensation grouting
  • Jet grouting
  • Chemical injections
  • Sampling
  • Well installation

Download the specifications brochure for more information. Have any questions? Feel free to contact our specialists!


CRS MITO 8 - rental
Frequency 0-150Hz
Output dynamic force 33.8K lbf / 150 kN
Rotation speed 120rpm
Rotation torque clockwise 1.955ft-lbf @ 2.680psi
Rotation torque counterclockwise 2.210ft-lbf @ 3.045psi
Head tilt max 70°
Pull up force 22.480 lbf
Pull down force 12.400 lbf
Drilling angle 45° and 10° of perpendicularly
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